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Hilary Hauck

The Wrong Kind of Magic + The Wrong Kind of Courage e bundle

The Wrong Kind of Magic + The Wrong Kind of Courage e bundle

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The house is shaking, colors are sparkling, things are starting to break... and did that toy start moving? Buckle up for this thrilling and heartwarming tale of a big sister who has forgotten the joys of Christmas.

Last Christmas, Rowan discovered the courage to follow his wild ideas. Those wild ideas have got him in trouble all year, but when the wrong kind of magic is once again released on Christmas Eve, a wild idea might be the only thing that can save his sisters—and Christmas.

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Meet the author

An Italian speaking Brit living in the US, Hilary Hauck is a bestselling,
award-winning author of historical and fantasy fiction featuring characters struggling
to find their inner amazing. Raised in the UK, Hilary later lived in Italy,
where she mastered the language, learned how to cook food she can no longer
eat, and won a national karate championship. After meeting her husband, she
came to the US and drew inspiration from Pennsylvania coal history for her
debut novel.

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