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How long does eBook delivery take?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you’ll receive an email with a unique link to download your eBook(s) in your preferred format.

Your eBooks are delivered by BookFunnel who will provide easy-to-follow instructions
on reading your eBook on the device of your choice, and they will help you if you get stuck.

Will I be able to read the eBooks on my eReader?

Yes! My eBooks are available in multiple formats and are compatible with all eReaders, such as Kindle, Nook, etc.)

Can I read the eBooks on my phone or computer?

Yes! You can download the eBook(s) directly to your eReader device or you can read them directly on your internet browser on your desktop or laptop.

When will I receive my paperbacks?

You can normally expect to receive your signed books in 5 to 10 days.

How can I listen to my audiobook?

You can listen to the audiobook on the BookFunnel app on your iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire device, or directly on your computer.

Why buy direct from the author?

There are many benefits when you buy direct from an author. For one, I save the 30% plus
the retailer deducts, and money lands in my account immediately instead of in 60 days.

This means I can reinvest in my writing, getting my next book out to you sooner, I can offer discounts like your 15% off first purchase, and you can get personalized paperbacks and exclusive merchandise.

Paperback delivery may be a little slower than some online retailers, but I hope you’ll
find the wait is worth it as your books will be signed and wrapped just for you… the gift of a story! 

Thank you for buying direct

You can get autographed copies and exclusive items by buying direct, all delivered with that personal touch that's often lost in this global world.

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